Real Housewife

June 14th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (15)

Eva Herzigova adds a strong dose of sex appeal to every editorial she’s in and for Vogue Italia the veteran supermodel manages to look alluring even as she brandishes a feather duster and apron. Glen Luchford captures Eva as she tackles household chores in luxe ensembles chosen by Anastasia Barbieri, the chic story is Eva’s second in the issue and she displays her trademark versatility as she takes on this new character.





Image Credit | Fashion Gone Rogue

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  1. Chungkit says:

    Love seeing all the supers get so much face time these days. Personality is a plus!

  2. W says:

    wow, I thought it was Linda Evangelista in the first photo..
    love the intensity in the last photo

  3. Prabal says:

    I agree, this is old stuff..Didn’t we see Grandma Madonna biting something like Eva does in the last shot.

  4. All about Models says:

    She’s a star in the business and she’s doing definitely a good job. I’m liking the way, she’s representing herself in front of a camera

  5. peterModelObsessed says:

    Concept was seen before , so what????

    Eva looks amazinng!!!! Always bring sexuality and sensuality in every editorial all the while maintaining Class and Elegance. A trait that is hard to find nowadays .

  6. Erica says:

    She looks fabulous as always

  7. Rasha says:

    I guess she still is my favorite model! What a body!!! And that face…excellent!

  8. Kristal Ling says:

    Eva Eva the sexy supermodel!!! I have always love her ever since the first Guess ads she poses as Marilyn Monroe? Remember? I will always support her! God bless u Eva love from Singapore!!

  9. peterModelObsessed says:

    Eva never lost her MOJO…….like Naomi Campbell, their face never age and has maintained that Supermodel Body through the years…..


  10. TpC says:

    old or unoriginal or not, good photos are good photos – and it doesn’t hurt to have someone like Eva as your subject

  11. poo says:

    Eva with a knife reminds me of that terrific story in The Face in 1997 or so where she’s weilding a butcher knife and is kneading meat and is all bloody. It was when she reinvented herself as an editorial girl, dyed her famous blonde hair brown and was working with Testino and Roitfeld.

  12. poo says:

    wielding, I meant.

  13. wendy-kristy says:

    Absolutely Stunning!!!

  14. Antonio Barros says:

    Cool picture with the crazy dog! 🙂

  15. TpC says:

    sexy and timeless as ever

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