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June 3rd, 2010 Posted by contributor comments (21)

Elegant, chic, and captivating, Abbey Lee (with her new hair!) shows us what top models from Australia are all about in a beautiful editorial for Vogue Nippon. In this stunning story shot by Angelo Pennetta, stylist Sissy Vian pulls together an immaculate wardrobe of the season’s best neutrals for a sophisticated and irresistibly sexy look. The dynamic trio lures us in with a classic 70’s feel that reveals Abbey’s undeniable beauty and ability to portray any era in fashion. Story by Marques Nolan




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  1. Claudia says:

    Very nice photos! Abbey Lee is great topmodel.

  2. stacey says:

    mmmm, no. i loved her long hair. oh well

  3. Chungkit says:

    Love the bob on Abbey! Wonder if Anna Wintour is pleased? 😉

  4. indie says:

    she only has one expression…the one with her mouth opened. I’m so over her

  5. John says:

    I am not feeling the new hair at all, I think long worked better for her

    But Abbey never fails to deliver

  6. Meggasus says:

    Abby Lee’s new hair looks great, and I love the styling of this shoot!

  7. W says:

    the bob cut makes her look cute, but I can’t really feel the energy
    However, I do like the shoot, the whole editorial is pretty amazing.

  8. Kmc says:

    I really wish I could see what every one else seems to see in Abbey. She only has one facial expression, and I don’t think she’s at all versatile. In my opinion, she’s too commercial, I don’t understand why Karl thought she was Chanel material.

  9. All about Models says:

    the bob fits great to her look. And in my eyes she has with it more drama in her facial expressions

  10. toby k says:

    STUNNING! abbey lee can do no wrong in my book

  11. Charlotte says:

    yes! she is amazing no matter what!

  12. Alegra says:

    omg i looove abbey lee I think she’s perfect to be honest! and commerical? she’s not commerical in the slightest! with that edgey gap toothed open pout, 5’11 figure and killer walk…how on earth could she be commerical? you no your the big when you can pull off an anna wintour bob! I LOVE ABBEY

  13. Mango says:

    I love you Abbey.

  14. trumancapote says:

    she s hot as hell.. but the pic r so boring

  15. TKO says:

    Epitome of fashion, edginess, and sex appeal from hair to her tippy toes. Perfection

  16. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    I hope this isn’t real fur

  17. Queen of Mayhem says:

    reminiscent of anna wintour

  18. TpC says:

    love the 70s inspired theme – takes me back to childhood – – – first memories of beautiful women from that decade.

  19. ele says:

    Abbey remembers me a lot Anna Wintour, and tha’s not so good!!
    but this photos r amazing and so classy

  20. lou says:

    she is hot what a beautiful face and eyes louis

  21. Izzy says:

    Australian model pride!

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