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Cedric Buchet takes the models as statues idea one step further, pitting Malgosia Bela against a wealth of classical sculpture for Vogue Nippon. The editorial combines everything we love; good photography, a top notch model and some incredible styling courtesy of George Cortina, the dramatic feel of the editorial is only heightened by the use of elegant gowns from Valentino and Givenchy. However, the stand out of the story has to be the acid yellow goddess gown from Pucci, a striking piece made even more interesting by Malgosia’s captivating pose.






Malgosia Bela for Vogue Nippon | Scan by MAGStyle @ tFS

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  1. Carl says:

    Omg first picture is gorgeous.

  2. Beauty Is Diverse says:

    Love the 1st picture too.

  3. rameek says:

    the first picture is stunning and so is the last one.

  4. Nigel S. says:

    The first images IS stunning.
    Hopefully the “new” Valentino will put a few more of such stunning gowns on the runway.

  5. Chungkit says:

    Truly stunning. I love when art & fashion mix. Bella, Malgosia!

  6. masio says:

    2 and 4))))

  7. All about Models says:

    That’s just amazing and breathing. Can’t find any words for this …

  8. Alisa says:

    “A wealth of classical sculpture”? It’s just the same one, three different times.
    Regardless of issues of semantics, this editorial is still lacking. She is definitely not working her surroundings as much as she should/could have.

  9. Nádia says:
  10. Mango says:

    She is soo awesome.

  11. Lala says:

    Competition between the Ideal statue, and the Model. LOVE IT!!!

  12. Antonio Barros says:

    Amazing images!!! I love all of them! 🙂

  13. JT says:

    She is way, way up on the top of the list of all time great models. This women is the definition of iconic!

  14. M. Ernest Marshall says:

    What a wonderful photo shoot! Beautiful model, great clothes and dramatic backdrop. This is incredible!

  15. peterModelObsessed says:

    I can also see Brazilian Stunner Isabelli Fontana in this same shoot.

  16. TpC says:

    ohhh to be that statue on that day :-D…. red dress, yum!

    back and forth, blue and yellow blue and yellow – like a to and fro card

  17. delont says:

    I like the light…

  18. search for christopher croser in myspace says:

    How interesting

  19. Mark - Vogue Model Management says:

    What a great shoot! All involved must be very happy.

  20. VOGUEMODE says:

    uhm… is it just me or does she have only half a thumb in the last photo?

  21. Fickle says:

    3 is the owsam

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