Superman Returns!

December 17th, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (17)

Somewhere in the Vogue office lurks a latent comic book fanatic. Every few months an editorial taken straight from the pages of DC or Marvel pops up to remind us of the joyous pleasure comics can bring. For January visions of Superman and Lois Lane run through Mario Testino‘s colorful and lighthearted editorial. With David Gandy as the archetypal hero and Carolyn Murphy as his designer clad counterpart, the story could not be more cheerfully cartoonish.

Carolyn Murphy and David Gandy by Mario Testino for Vogue US

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  1. cristina says:

    Don’t like Carolyn at all! but the idea is good. I believe there are better looking models that would of looked better in these pics

  2. mariel says:

    nice pics. why dont they show miss murphy front face on those pieces?

  3. Sara says:

    This would have been much cuter with some other perhaps younger model, but its nice anyway.

  4. kay says:

    i love this

  5. cristina says:

    Lily Donaldson. I would of chosen her.

  6. Amarilla says:

    Carolyn had no connection with the camera during this shoot. She looks like an aloof woman and not a model in these pictures.

  7. ryder says:

    carolyn did a got job portraying “all american” young mum, young girl, older sister? well, i think she did a good job. superman aka david is pure image of original.

  8. jeremy says:

    Carolyn Rocks ! i disagree that she was not right for this story, she embodies the image of a powerful working mother ! the child (playing a daughter) in this story would have looked like a kid sister if they had used say Stam, Coco, Caroline T etc.

  9. jason says:

    They wanted a certain age range for this shoot.

  10. hana says:

    what 8 year old girl gets to say she was in vogue alongside superman? haha

  11. ferguson says:

    i actually think it’s great. carolyn personifies all-american and david, well, he doesn’t break any mirrors… would’ve loved to see a more intimate shot of them together. good job, mario!

  12. icanbeasmartazz says:

    Carolyn is a great model. I can not deny that. I just feel this is not a good editorial with her featured in it. “Superman” and the “child” out-shine her by a landslide. If that was the direction the photographer and creative director were going for, then they succeeded. Every single picture is a side profile shot. Her presence in the pictures is unnoticeable in comparison to others I have seen of her.

  13. Mauricio Po says:

    Wonderful!! like Amarilla said “an aloof woman”. Seeing the pictures, we forgot that has a supermodel in the image. And the little girl? Who is she?

  14. MDC_361982 says:

    Carolyn Murphy is soooo hot in here! But this story i dont really fell the editorial enough. but i still love the story here. 😉

  15. radouane says:

    Beautifull!!especially the 1st and 3rd picture. The 3rd picture, very well -thought, one interesting thing, a blower must have blown action in the cape into the right direction, also on the bossom-area of the dress, to the right. but the hair of Carolyn goes left, so that must be a solid head twist.
    Well done, supermodel!

  16. miyoshi says:

    all of carolyns pic have the same expression and looks the same in every pic… whats up with all the yellow on her?? not my favorite.

  17. Bella says:

    Perfect Superman!

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