Classical Revival

December 16th, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (18)

Spring kicks off early for ad-dicts. With the S/S 09 campaigns debuting in January magazines we are beginning to notice a theme. It would appear fashion is once again embracing its time honed traditions. From Raquel Zimmermann in classic retro garb for Oscar de la Renta (shades of Betty Draper with the full skirt and classic red lip) to Stephanie Seymour reprising her role as ultimate pinup, ads are looking to the past for inspiration. Mrs. Brant’s Valentino pictures with the stark black and white image could be tears from a mid 90s Vogue while Lakshmi Menon and Eniko Mihalik look every bit the supermodels in their Max Mara campaign.

Raquel for Oscar de la Renta by Craig McDean

Stephanie for Valentino by Mert and Marcus

Lakshmi and Eniko for Max Mara by Craig McDean

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  1. Idan says:

    love it! <3

  2. Jean says:

    oh raquel…so chic!

  3. ryder says:

    i like valentinos and oscars ads, not so much max mara, but i certanly adore eniko and lakshemi. that is why im a bit disapointed, i mean,,, lakshemi and eniko are incredible models…the entire production should be so much better.

  4. trumancapote says:

    not bad at all..all the 3 ad…the Valentino s awesome

  5. Nik says:

    I love that Raquel is highlighting something other than Fendi. (Or is she still the face of Fendi for SS09?) Stephanie Seymour is working a whole lot more again, and this Valentino is superb. I think her and Claudia Schiffer’s comeback thi year was phenomenal. I am so anxious to see how many campaigns Lakshmi and Eniko nab for Spring Summer 2009.

  6. ferguson says:

    i like what the valentino clan has done in terms of advertising since the handover. keep up the good work!

  7. Mauricio Po says:

    Oscar + Zimmermann = all that a fashion company wants!

  8. Chris Yong says:

    I don’t like Lakshmi in this… I dont’ know… there’s something about the lips… and the stance… ;-(

  9. Marco says:

    Raquel is absolutely amazing. After more than 10 years of career and at the age of 25 she is still on top of her game looking fresh, classy and gorgeous.
    Watch out all new faces. Either you girls are THAT good or leave it for the experts.

  10. Aria says:

    Lakshmi is simply brethtaking!!! I’ve seen 3 pics since now and even if this is not my favourite, they both look amazing!
    Raquel looks so chic and i love the retro vibe about the Valentino ad

  11. Keesean says:

    Max Mara proves with every campaign that everything’s better in pairs. The de la Rents is amazing!

  12. that girl says:

    Stephanie is the quintessence of amazing! Total freak of natural with kids rocking that body. Love the Valentino Ad more than many in the past. Lakshmi and Eniko never cease to amaze me. Two new girls that I’m still very excited about.

    Raquel needs to go away. bores me to tears. nuff said

  13. KM says:

    Oh…fantastic! Oscar de la Renta is devine…Valentino is fierce! Not too crazy about MaxMara…it’s rather dull…lacking conviction…

  14. Weber says:

    Stephanie should stay home. The concept in Valentino is great but that is it.
    Raquel Z is like the best model material around right now.

  15. miyoshi says:

    love valentino, very classic and sexy.

  16. miyoshi says:

    eniko looks as if someone is hanging her from her arms.. i don’t like it.

  17. sudheir says:

    nice style

  18. njane says:

    so chic!

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