December 16th, 2008 Posted by Janelle comments (16)

It wouldn’t be a full fledged supermodel renaissance without Christy Turlington. With her perfect features and yoga honed body Christy represents the unmatched standard in beauty. Mario Sorrenti captures Christy’s eternal allure for W. After all these years she still radiates high gloss perfection.

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  1. Model Whispers says:

    There’s nothing better than good “old” Christy Turlington!!! Always been a big fan of hers.

  2. ferguson says:

    love christy; like the editorial; dislike the cover. the photoshopping makes her look hard. why mess with perfect proportions?

  3. ania brog says:

    what a boring editorial! shame on them!
    love W dearly but this is shit! and what a bad pick for the cover image!!! christy looks stiff and unnatural. so unflattering!!

  4. ryder says:

    she is still remarkable, but they should use her knowledge, and posing skill so much better.

  5. that girl says:

    Stunning as usual. She will never stop being one of my all time Favs!

  6. Eric_Gabriel says:

    Purrrfection! She and Paulina Porizkova are my all-time favorite models. Smart, beautiful and healthy models.

  7. RYAN COLBY says:

    my favorite of ALL TIME!!! and very nice in person.

  8. Jean says:


  9. Alejandro says:

    stunned again. So. So. Beautiful. uncomparable

  10. Kim says:

    Such a classic beauty that should never be forgotten.

  11. trumancapote says:

    just another example how to misuse one of the most amazing model ever…

  12. Bertrand says:

    The cover is amazing but the editorial is boring shame on W

  13. Marco says:

    Amazing Christy. She is the epitome of what a classic supermodel should look like.

  14. Baby Clyde says:

    Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Stephanie, Claudia and now Christy.

    They’re all BACK!!!

    If someone could just get Tatyana back in the game we’d have a full set.

  15. Ambigous says:

    Speaking of Radiance, I love my Linda Evangelista!!! She is the ultimate Ultima Zoooper-mo-delle!!!

  16. N.S. says:

    This cover is stunning. The editorial is nice. Doesn’t need to be something super and spectacular every single time. It’s a normal modeling job…Super or not. she is a model being a model.

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