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May 18th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (26)

The battle to be modeling’s next big crossover star is heating up and Miranda Kerr just earned herself another point. The Aussie cutie graces the cover of GQ with an incredibly sexy editorial by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Wearing a white bikini and little more, Miranda turns up the heat and cements her place as this years number one pinup. How many girls can say they’ve been on the cover of i-D and GQ at the exact same time?





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  1. jeremydante says:

    boring & typical of a mens publication.
    glad she’s circulating though.
    go KERR!


  2. W says:

    the orange background just doesn’t work.

  3. Marilyn says:

    the second one is a good one

  4. All about Models says:

    Miranda looks striking in the editorial. She looks younger as she is and fresh .. But also like “babydoll” like it

  5. Antonio Barros says:
  6. Chungkit says:

    I agree with Jeremy & W. Love Miranda and am a fan of GQ’s men’s fashion, and of course Inez & Vinoodh, but this shoot does not push the creative envelope in any way…

  7. Antonio Barros says:

    I can’t stop looking at her pics! 🙂

  8. Mango says:

    I love the angles! Miranda is working it!

  9. forreal says:

    Glamour shots?

  10. Alegra says:

    woah shes everywhere at the moment but yeah its not exactly ground breaking. obsessed with her id cover

  11. Jimmy says:

    Her body is sick. Great cover.


  12. Kmc says:

    Admittedly she has a great body, but that’s it! I don’t understand why she’s in favour with the likes of Balenciaga and Prada, she’s more Page 3 than High Fashion.

  13. Nádia says:

    What a boring shoot, even for GQ… Disappointing… They could have done so much better with Kerr!

  14. GP says:

    Hot body and I love the 2nd photo but we have seen much better of Miranda so this is just ok. I prefer her doing high fashion.

  15. 90'S SUPERMODELS says:

    u guys are insane to say this is boring?!!? this is HOT IS HELL!!! this is glamour shot it’s not supposed to be so overly creative, in fact the more simple it is the sexier it is; lyk cindy crawford’s most sexiest pepsi commercial, just palin and simple. I feel lyk everyones so obssesed with just HF quirky girls glamour is just as hot in fact HOTTER

  16. toby k says:

    A WOMAN SO BEAUTIFUL needs no gimmick! her natural beauty and effortless sexiness just shine without any elaborate props or set. stunning.

  17. garrett says:

    is it me or did this page just got a little hotter…..**tugs at collar**

  18. vic_angel says:

    Admittedly she has a great body, but that’s it! I don’t understand why she’s in favour with the likes of Balenciaga and Prada, she’s more Page 3 than High Fashion.

    – 100% agree with Kmc!!!

  19. JW says:

    Well I’m not certain why this bores people, but it grabbed my eye right away! Starting with the cover shot onwards. I’d love to see more models of Miranda’s caliber doing this.

  20. concu cac says:

    uh-ohz! me knowz vikki’z secret now, yes me doooooooo dddooood ododo!!! };>

  21. BF says:

    miranda kerr is not a high fashion model….

  22. Calvin says:

    These pics are quite boring, aren’t they? Men’s magazine or not. 🙁

  23. marcus says:

    Whatever the reason, with most of the victoria’s angels making splashes in the high fashion world recently (with Doutzen’s and Adriana’s vogue covers) i’m excited to see the return of healthy beautiful women.

  24. dp says:

    cheeky! she’s definitely a men’s magazine model. i always find her to be so awkward in high fashion editorials.

  25. kelly says:

    So boring pictures,o boring girl..Yes she is seet and sexy..but..for too “ordinary”…

  26. monte says:

    i love the orange background the perfect color

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