Knots Landing

May 12th, 2010 Posted by Janelle comments (35)

Fei Fei Sun is a stunner, but Alain Pichon‘s sky high hairstyles and Alex Box‘s bright makeup takes her into the stratosphere; the trio teams up for a stunning Vogue China story, shot by Jem Mitchell, that focuses on the elegance of knotted updos. The simple story showcases the talents of the whole team and Fei Fei’s face is truly the perfect canvas for makeup, no matter how outlandish the look.






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  1. All about Models says:

    I’m thinking that Fei Fei is a girl, who will become big in the industry. I don’t know why, but she has all features. And looks really beautiful in this editorial.

  2. Michael says:

    WAHT A FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Liv says:

    Flawless! Her bone structure is perfection.

    Btw MDC set off my anti-virus software today. A malicious redirect attempt was blocked. Just a heads-up if it’s some general problem (never happened before and I know nada about these things, sorry).

  4. Chungkit says:

    Fei Fei is such an exciting new face. Great to see such personality in pictures!

  5. BF says:


  6. arp says:

    she is beautiful…love this

  7. Alex says:

    She remind me Siri Tollerod in the last picture!

  8. poo says:

    Gorgeous! Love her and love these pics.

  9. charlotte says:

    her face is very editorial, not boring at all, yet she is still undeniably pretty.. quite a combo. GREAT new face.. total love.

  10. glunge says:

    beautiful girl. too bad they didn’t use a select from the calvin outfit for the main cover – crop out the top knot a bit. but i guess they are going a much more commercial route now with the current cover.

  11. peterModelObsessed says:

    Her feature are almost perfect.

  12. Edo says:

    I love vogue China/Korea/Japan’s editorials! Fei Fei’s face is so beautiful, and i love her brows!!

  13. Nigel S. says:

    She looks stunning. A sophisticated young woman that couldn’t care less about what you thought of her big knot! “Kiss this bun” she says!

    I’m beyond elated to see this Asian beauty on this particular cover/story. A nice compliment to the issues featuring Du Juan and Shu Pei.

    She is so present, you can almost reach out and touch her. Smashing job by Jem Mitchell!

  14. anon says:

    Outstanding model.

  15. ClaRence says:

    stunning! reminds me of Cecilia Dean…

  16. dentball says:

    She is stunning. The last pic reminds me of Siri Tollerod. Don’t you think?

  17. p.dias says:

    LOVE the brows!
    Awesome clean pure shots.

  18. Mango says:

    don’t like the eyebrows in this

  19. GP says:

    Beautiful Skin but she looks like a Chinese boy makd-up to look like a girl. Sorry…

  20. late70s says:

    vogue is changing…into…

  21. i-kun says:

    a pleasure to look at.

  22. prussia says:

    OMG! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Nádia says:

    Wow! She’s sooo gorgeous! OMG! Caught my attention!

  24. frederic says:

    wow. pretty impressed by vogue china. this is one hella of a looker

  25. Leah says:
  26. toby k says:

    stunning features… the eyes, the nose, the cheekbones, the lips, the face!

  27. FND says:

    I was just gonna post that the last pic looks like SIRI!! but you guys beat me to it.

    I love how her face changes with different make up. Amazing.

  28. poo says:

    I can’t stop raving about her. I really hope she gets lots of work because she’s drop dead gorgeous and actually interesting looking. I mean you just want more!

  29. MartaHale says:

    Her face is just perfect . And the pictures are great too .

  30. funghsui says:

    Another Chinese rising model

  31. cyriljordan says:

    why do the fashion industry just recognized this kind of asian face? honestly, they all look similar. i want to see a different kind of asian look maybe a filipina with a darker and wide eyes that is so exotic and can be mistaken as latina.

  32. hamdia says:

    Woooww,love this editiroal!

  33. modellobello says:


  34. FND says:

    Cyril: Because China is a big fashion market. So is Japan and Korea and Taiwan and Hong Kong, so oriental looking girls that these market can relate to somehow will be more prominent in the roster.

    There are gorgeous Polynesian girls around as well like Selina, Azura, Charlotte and gorgeous indian girls like Lakshmi and Ujjwala as well. They’ve all done pretty well for themselves.

  35. mahamarshmelow says:

    My new favourite model, after Andrej Pejic, he’s just wonderful, I love asian models, they are so prettttyy

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