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Prada’s New Groove

September 25th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle


If model casting has a Superbowl then it would have to be the Prada show. No show is as watched, critiqued or analyzed as Prada when it comes to casting. Model fans and industry bigwigs alike wait with baited breath to see just who Russell Marsh will pick and when the dust settles everyone gathers around the proverbial water cooler for a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking. Who was the opener? Who closed? Who should have been walking? For the love of god where is Sasha!?!?!

And so on, so forth.


Top row- Lindsey Wixson, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Sharon Kavjian. Bottom row- Lyndsey Scott, Kate Kosushkina, Shu Pei.

This time around the show had no shortage of surprises. If you could tear your eyes away from the hypnotically over the top clear plastic pumps you’d be quick to notice just how many first timers there were. Girls like Valerija Kelava, Mirte Maas, Nicole Hofman and Patricia van der Vliet all made stunning debuts. The talk of the town is of course Lindsey Wixson, whose impish features and perfect walk landed her the coveted girl one slot but Kate Kosushkina‘s ethereal ease closed the light and airy collection with a bang and who better to embody all that is light and breezy than the charming Miss Kosushkina!


Shu Pei and Liu Wen.

In a move that warmed my cold, jaded heart there was also a bit of diversity with Lyndsey Scott, Liu Wen and Shu Pei all walking and looking gorgeous in those Lolita pigtails courtesy of Guido Palau. It is wishful thinking to say that this could be the beginning of a campaign moment but after S/S 09’s blonde overload wouldn’t the ultimate cool move be a Steven Meisel shoot featuring this uber cool trio?

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Shock Wave

September 25th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

If you saw the Tori Praver cover of Vogue Russia coming then you can count yourself officially ahead of the curve. The curvaceous Hawaii beach babe’s slot on the cover of a magazine usually reserved for the most editorial Eastern European faces was another of the month’s stunning surprises. Do you love it? Are you waiting for the Freaky Friday moment when Anna Selezneva appears in Sports Illustrated? Let us know how you feel!





Tori Praver by Matt Irwin | Image Credit – achAT & ASF @ The Fashion Spot

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Glam Stam

September 24th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Alright mag addicts (you know who you are) dig into your magazine collection and pull out a Vogue from the late 60s. No matter the issue you will invariably see a black and white, soft focus, slightly grainy editorial featuring a model jumping, prancing and dancing in a studio with the wind machine working overtime. The vibe is high glamour and the look is expertly recreated by Mariano Vivanco in the latest Numero Korea. Jessica Stam moves like a latter day Jean Shrimpton and captures all the cool sex appeal and glamour of the period perfectly.






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Burberry’s Beat

September 24th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle


Frothy pastels and lighter than air fabrics aside, the freshest thing at Burberry this season was the stunning cast. Handpicked by Barbara Nicoli, the young and energetic lineup featured a slew of faces so fresh that there were even a few we hadn’t seen before. Fashion thrives on newness but the great thing about this lineup was how well it represented the house’s ideals. The 25th Anniversary of London fashion week was the perfect time to reinforce all that Burberry stands for – youth, British eccentricity, tradition and just a touch of rock and roll ease to make it all palatable.


Amazing faces at Burberry: Gracie Carvalho, Julia Hafstrom, Barbara Dvorakova, Madisyn Ritland, Nicole Hofman, Taylor Kraemer, Tatiana Cortilar & Dorothea Barth Jorgensen.Top pic: Ranya Mordanova, Chanel Iman

The multi-ethnic cast of beauties was completely in line with the diversity and vitality of London and best of all everyone looked smashing in Christopher Bailey’s collection. How lovely was rising star Taylor Kraemer look in her signature trench? Were you Googling to find out just who the mystery brunette beauty was -  Nicole Hofman is her name for those who were searching. Among the other pleasant surprises were appearances by Gracie Carvalho and an opening slot filled by Anna de Rijk.

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Grand Dame

September 23rd, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Yasmin LeBon is one of fashion’s timeless beauties – her classic and graceful good looks have graced magazines for over two decades and she’s still got it. For October’s Vogue Paris Alasdair McLellan captures Yasmin looking resplendent in her home as Anastasia Barbieri styles the supermodel in dramatic jet black. The contrast between the country setting and the couture styling only serves to highlight Yasmin’s dual role of down to earth mother and fashion icon.






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Bits & Bytes: Cover Stars

September 23rd, 2009 |Posted by Betty


Iris Strubegger for Hercules F/W 09, ph by Paola Kudacki. From Hercules Facebook via mcqueezy/tfs.

Blue eyed beauties Iris Strubegger and Sean O’Pry, gather 2 more covers under their belts with Iris fronting the new Hercules and Sean on the cover of 2 Magazine. Who says blondes have more fun?


Sean O’Pry for 2 magazine, Sept 09. Ph: Mitchell McCormack.

Don’t hate her because because 1-she’s gorgeous 2-she’s rich 3-someone who cares about the world tooGisele Bundchen sets a mighty fine example if we must say on what to do with your fame and fortune.

Curious about the Journal magazine? talks to Michael Nevin from the ultra cool photo and cultural bible.

Only more reasons to love Grace Coddington, her favorite fashion week moments, including a part where she’s almost blinded by Lady Gaga.

One photographer’s take on art and creativity, read the inspiring passage. interviews Juergen Teller.

If you haven’t seen it yet, photographer Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil is the new street style blogger for We love his work: carefully curated, never static, always refreshing, always unexpected and of course the shoe porn-iest street shots ever!

The Cut crushes even more on Daul Kim via her answers to new editorial site TEST MAG.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Burberry show, which was broadcast live over the ‘net.

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The Last’s Picture Show

September 23rd, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

The Last Magazine is always on the pulse of what is going on right now and the cast of its latest story by Amy Troost reads like a who’s who of up and comers and in demand faces. Alexa Yudina, Regina Feoktistova, Valeria Dmitrienko, Rose Cordero, Charlotte Di Calypso, Aminata Niaria, Hannah Holman, Yulia Lobova, Liu Wen, Melodie Dagault, Model Link and Christian Brylle star in a multi-faceted story that gives them all an opportunity to show their best. Alastair McKimms creative styling takes center stage as the cool cast shows off fall’s unique wares.







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September 22nd, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Tao Okamoto has always been something special but she moves into the stratosphere with the November edition of Vogue Nippon. With the special all-Tao issue she joins the selective ranks of models major enough to single-handedly command an entire Vogue. Add to this the fact that this is the first time the publication has ever featured an Asian model in this way (Tao is the first Japanese face to grace the cover of Vogue Nippon in nearly a decade) and you have the makings of a moment that transcends fashion. This is a must have issue – inside you’ll find Tao as imagined by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Glen Luchford, Daniel Jackson, Mark Segal and Solve Sundsbo, each photographer portrays her in a different light and each picture shows just what a versatile and dynamic model she truly is.









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