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Armed & Dangerous

September 30th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Coco Rocha can give you sweet and wholesome one minute and completely ferocious the next. For Camilla Akrans‘ lush Numero spread she takes the latter approach, unleashing her femme fatale in some of fall’s exaggerated shapes. The end result is classic Coco – were loving her sultry glare in the first photo.





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One of the Boys

September 30th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Toni Garrn is easily one of the most unforgettable faces in modeling right now but don’t let her pristine beauty fool you, she’s still got what it takes to go up against male modeling’s edgiest boys. Tyler Riggs, Lyle Lodwick, Marcel Castenmiller and Joseph Culp join Toni for David Vasiljevic‘s motorcycle enthusiast themed story for Numero Japan. The whole gang seems right at home sitting on the back of a scooters and motorbikes and Toni is looking very Claudia Schiffer circa Guess.

Toni Garrn

Toni Garrn

Toni Garrn


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Satin Chic

September 30th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

If you are looking for the perfect balance of high fashion poise and raw sex appeal you need look no further than Eniko Mihalik. With each new editorial Eniko manages to display both qualities with grace and the latest Numero is the perfect showcase for her talents. The sultry cover story shot by Greg Kadel features some truly elegant styling and Eniko at her very best.

Eniko Numero

Eniko Numero


Eniko Numero


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Dutch Masters

September 29th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Modeling moves in cycles and every few seasons it seems as though there is another set of great girls hailing from a new place. This season is all about stunning Dutch girls and it is easy to see why. Who better to embody the classicism and straightforward prettiness that defines the current look than the beauties of the Netherlands? As established Dutch models like Lara Stone and Ymre Stiekema lead the pack a host of new faces have been steadily gaining prominence these past few seasons, here is a crash course in the Dutch faces to watch.


Patricia van der Vliet : With a Prada exclusive and a super selective New York season under her belt, Patricia is definitely a face to watch for Paris. Wouldn’t her perfect proportions and cool beauty look just right at Lanvin or YSL?


Mirte Maas : The stunning Mirte has a slot on the Top 10 Newcomers list and has made appearances at Prada, Calvin Klein and every other runway worth talking about. Add in the early editorial buzz and you’ve got a superstar in the making.


Bregje Heinen : As one of the MVPs of Milan, Bregje is poised to repeat her success in Paris. Though she’s got enviable proportions and a walk that just wont quit, special attention must be payed to that undeniably beautiful face. Pillow lips, an icy blue stare and the kind of sensuality that makes beauty contract dreams come true.


Nicola Haffmans : With her distinctive feline look and womanly allure, Nicola was among the stars of London Fashion week. Luella, Christopher Kane, Pringle – if there was a hip London runway she was on it. The sleek edge that blew London away will definitely impress Paris.


Lisanne de Jong : Alexander Wang enthusiast and Prada exclusive, Lisanne is a former Model of the Week. Her natural beauty and engaging personality make her stand out from the pack of lanky blondes. Paris should provide nothing but excitement as we can easily envision Lisanne on the most directional runways.


Nimue Smit : Though she’s only been in the game for a few seasons the enchanting Nimue is already a star in her own right. Prada campaign? Check. Vogue Italia? Check. Another flawless season? Naturally.


Anna de Rijk : Anna has been on a roll since her Prada exclusive last season. With strong editorial work and impeccable seasons in each and every market there is really no stopping this regal classic beauty.


Nicole Hofman : Quality is better than quantity, with a debut at Burberry that set tongues wagging Nicole Hofman placed herself on the fast track for success. After showing up at Prada looking lovely this very fresh face is all but gauranteed to have an interesting Paris season. Expect to see her on only the most exclusive runways.

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Bits & Bytes: Amazing Anna & Alan

September 29th, 2009 |Posted by Betty

Untitled from Victor Del Toro on Vimeo.

From the same agency that brought you Top Newcomer Lindsey Wixson, comes Anna Speckhart from Illinois (5’9″ and 18). Video courtesy of Vision LA.



Check out recent polaroids of MDC favorite, Alan Carey. From MOTW to GQ Style cover, Alan is all grown up and ready to rock and roll.

You too can be a Victoria’s Secret Model!

A Photo Editor digs up these Terry Richardson videos where he talks about his craft.

Our favorite man about backstage, JD Ferguson, always has fun backstage shots for VMan.

Fantastic Man comes out with the Gentlewoman. We already love it.

If you haven’t seen the D&G fragrance commercial, with Claudia, Eva, Naomi, etc, see it now.

Check out pics of singer Faith Hill, pre-Photoshop and post Photoshop.

We adore Crystal Renn, how can you not?

Here are pics of Amfar’s first event in Milan: Linda (wearing a luxurious fur), Donatella Versace, Janet Jackson and Alek Wek all looking divine!

Check out the new editorials, “Waterproof” exclusively on the Ones2Watch’s New Wave and  Vanishing Point on Contributing Editor (with the super hot Danny Schwarz and Vincent LaCrocq) As sleek as any magazine, it’s the visionary way for the faces and new talent to be seen.

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The Thinker

September 28th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

The latest L’Officiel Homme finds Arthur Daniyarov looking a tad pensive, Milan Vukmirovic captures the refinement and brooding quality that has made the relative newcomer, a favorite with the always discerning Jil Sander set. With a face capable of conveying thoughtfulness as well as beauty, Arthur has quickly become the choice for designers and photographers who focus on the cerebral. Vukmirovic’s moody black and white set is an ideal showcase for Arthur’s graceful look and presence. 






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She’s So Unusual…

September 28th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Lula Magazine has always moved to the beat of its own drummer. The quirky bi-annual publication favors its own aesthetic rather than following the herd and in doing so has become the premier source for the kind of ethereal and whimsical editorials that everyone can appreciate. Given the magazine’s taste for all things idiosyncratic its no surprise that winsome face of Prada opener Lindsey Wixson can be seen in their latest issue. With her rosebud lips and lanky limbs, Lindsey looks like something out of a dream and Damon Heath‘s soft photography only serves to highlight her unique look.





Lindsey by Damon Heath | Image Credit – Scans by fearless123 @ tFS

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Body Consciousness

September 25th, 2009 |Posted by Janelle

Modeling isn’t just about being 5’10, 15 and from Russia, there is a whole other side to the industry. Fitness models play by a whole separate set of rules – if you are an expert athlete, a health junkie or just a regular person who loves to work out you should check out Wilhelmina’s Hot Body Model search. With a search that aims to find the next fitness modeling star the door is wide open for unique talent. The fitness division at Wilhelmina features such diverse talents as Olympic swimmers, doctors and trained yogis so it isn’t just about having the right look, it’s also about having physicality and the ability to connect with the real people who enjoy these activities.

The two winners receive a contract with Wilhelmina as well as a slew of prizes. Think you fit the bill? Then head on over to the open call tomorrow at Wilhelmina between 10 and 3. Or visit one of the other open call events coming to a city near you.  There is a 20 dollar fee for participation but it’s a small price to pay if you’ve got the right stuff.


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