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December 8th, 2014 |Posted by holly

Great teams create great content, so when Creative director/Fashion Editor, Simon Rasmussen (BRIDGE Artists), Bergdorf Goodman’s creative director Jesper Damsgaard Lund, and makeup artist Zenia Jaeger came together to create brand new magazine, “Office,” our interest was piqued.

You will see some familiar names in the pages of the magazine (Jason Kibbler, Dario Catellani, Julia Noni, Marcelo Krasilcic, and Asger Carlsen to name a few) but you’ll also find some not-so-recognizable faces. According to the magazine, they’ve “enlisted a couple rappers, some artists and musicians, a convicted felon, a few party people, two carpenters, a DJ, a handful of strangers we spotted on the street, and a crew of our favorite stylists, designers and photographers to share their stories and contribute new work.”

Check out our exclusive preview of the magazine below and take note that Office will be available on newsstands this week. We highly recommend picking up a copy!

Photographer: Marc Hom (Serlin Associates), Fashion editor: Simon Rasmussen (BRIDGE Artists)), Grooming: Rheanne White (See Management), Talent: Wiz Khalifa

Photographer: Marcelo Krasilcic (Serlin Associates), Fashion editor: Simon Rasmussen (BRIDGE Artists), Model: Camille Rowe

Photographer: Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management)



Photographer: Kira Bunse (Shotview Photographers Management), Model: Mariah Morrison, Stylist: Anna Schiffel (Shotview Photographers Management), Hair: Ramona Eschbach (Jed Root), Makeup: Kathy le Sant (Walter Schupfer Management)



Photographer: Asger Carlsen, Fashion Editor: Simon Rasmussen (BRIDGE Artists), Model: Evelina Mambetova, Hair: Eric Jamieson (BRIDGE Artists), Makeup: Zenia Jaeger



Photographer: Dario Catellani (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris), Model: Bradley Soileau, Makeup: Zenia Jaeger, Hair: Bok Hee, Fashion Editor: Kevin Hunter



Photographer: Dario Catellani (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris), Styling: Vittoria Cerciello, Makeup: Zenia Jaeger, Hair: Pasquale Ferrante (Paris: ArtList Paris, New York: ArtList NY), Manicure: Jackie Saulsbery, Casting: Simon Rasmussen (BRIDGE Artists), Model: Isabella McFadden

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October 9th, 2014 |Posted by

Photos by Daniel Sannwald (Management + Artists) courtesy of Garage Magazine for
Text by Christopher Michael

Despite being a New Yorker myself, Paris is probably the most exciting of the cities to experience during the fashion season. Everyone is a little more dressed up, and the elaborate landscape makes for a fantastic setting upon which all the most exciting fashion moments take place. At one point or another, you’re bound to bump into all of the masterminds behind this industry in the decorative streets of this city. It seems only fitting then that we ran into the ladies who launch some of the most adventurous new ideas, fluttering about the Louvre on their way to the Chloe show last week. While the rest of the world continues to seek out the best way to marry print and digital, Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall showed off their exciting new issue of Garage Magazine – one that appears to be the love child of the pre-existing mediums. Having experimented with interactive publishing in a previous issue via the application Blippar, this season team Garage has gone rogue – and created an application of their very own.

To experience it download the garage app and point it at the magazine, it’s a new way to look at print!


We wanted to make it digitally interactive because we spend so much time on our phones, all of us, rarely ever sitting down in front of an actual computer. I am sure Jony (Ive) has done a bigger iPhone for this very same reason, because even iPads are clunky in essence when you consider how much we live on our phones. Often you have a shoot and you cut it, or you have an interview and you cut it, even that as a starting pointŠ you can put extra stuff behind. So we did this money film, because there is so much more that you can actually put in the magazine but it’s somehow a little bit elite to have to then go onlineŠ if you want to be really immediate, you can just see it. We had partnered with Blippar before, but I think when Michael and Dasha started talking to Jeff Koons and this idea of his digital sculpture came up we started talking about how anyone is going to see it. We all suddenly thought, how amazing would it be to put it on the cover, but how could we if it’s digital, how’s that going to work? Then we figured we would blippar it, but then we thought well actually at this point, we should just build our own.
Charlotte Stockdale, Fashion Director at Garage Magazine and right hand side of Chaos Fashion

With this, moving forward, you could potentially make any page, any graphic, something that you can scan. It can be a gif it can be a still it can be a film, it can be an interview, it can talk, it can be 3D. It just activates content.

You can scan a model and see her stats, see her card, see her profile. Normally when you come up with a concept for a magazine, it has to look good in print. With this, it doesn’t isolate the idea, it can be digital, still or interactiveŠ it doesn’t matter because it will all work.
Katie Lyall, Fashion Editor at Garage Magazine and left hand side of Chaos Fashion

A lot of augmented reality software already exists, we are all more or less on that path. But what’s really exciting about the Garage APP is this exclusive power of a unique collaboration with one of the biggest icons in contemporary art. To get your virtual Koons on top of a printed mag is simply a huge step into new consumerism. GARAGE is the only mag I can imagine who is able to generate this excitement on such high level. It’s more than a gadget, just imagine the emotional level a user gets by using his smart device to discover and experience this unexpected content! This is for sure the next evolutionary step in the fusion of print and digital. Ads become alive, sculptures pop up, bags and shoes walk through the pages….it’s just the beginning and it starts with GARAGE.
Mike Meiré, Art Director at Garage Magazine and the designer of this APP


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Transmission Transforms

September 26th, 2014 |Posted by Janelle


Xiao Wen Ju by Dylan Forsberg

With its introspective point of view, unretouched images and art filled pages, Transmission Magazine is one of the most exciting publications of the moment. Helmed by model cum editor, photographer and author Dylan Forsberg and featuring an impressive array of artful images, Transmission provides a welcome respite from the super-glossy aesthetic that dominates much of fashion. With the publication’s 3rd issue set to debut during Paris Fashion Week with an all-star bash at Le Baron on Tuesday the 30th, we caught up with Dylan to discuss print, passions and the publication’s continued evolution.

What makes this issue different from the first two?

It’s the next step, the continuation of a series. Issue 01, Transition, was a beginning. Something from nothing; going somewhere new. Issue 02, Transparency, was about reflection and discovery; finding out who you are so you can become who you want to be. So now Issue 03, Transform, is that next step: becoming.

A year ago, at the beginning of the project, I would have said that Transform meant to actually, fully change into what one wanted to be. But over the year, thinking about it and trying to live it, I eventually realized that would mean to have transformed. So I began to see it more as a limbo period–a claustrophobic time of attempt and defeat; of hope and frustration … a flailing of the elbows, trying to break free from the constraints of the cocoon.

So I’ve laid out the magazine differently from the first two in an attempt to express that. The cover is meant to represent the goal of finally living within the present moment, while the inside is the struggle, and the back cover is the underlining and usually hidden feeling of discouragement. The entire piece is large and nearly bursting at the seams yet contained within its borders: the cocoon.

How did you decide on the content this time around?

Well, when I had to decide what I wanted to become, the first word that came to mind was silent. After being so introspective with the second issue, I wanted to take a break from thinking and criticizing myself so that I’d be able to live more in the moment. So I’ve used other people’s words rather than my own and all year I’ve held back from writing. The piece is meant as a meditation–a clearing of the mind, so that I don’t get too stuck in old themes.

I don’t want the magazine to be so easily categorized. I’ve realized we have many different characters trapped within us that we block out to satisfy the expectations of others. So many of the stories within the magazine are an expression of breaking free from that and becoming whoever we want, whenever we want.

How do you think the lack of ads / retouching impacts the final product of the magazine?

Well, I’ve begun to realize that what I’ve been making isn’t really a magazine. I’ve started to see the entire piece from cover to cover, and even how it’s distributed for free, as an art piece. I’m really not sure what else to call it. It’s creation for creation’s sake. As “pointless” as a painting. A magazine is meant to sell you something–a product or ideas–whereas Transmission is meant to make you feel something.

And it’s an entire piece: from beginning to end, it’s one solid story. An advertisement is a brand’s interpretation of itself for that particular season, so to include several ads would be to break up the story with several other mini-stories. I have, however, considered working with advertisers to make their product fit within the narrative. I first tried that in the Transmission Presents: FNT magazine and I think it worked pretty well. But for now with the primary Transmission, it makes more sense to keep things pure.

As for the lack of retouching, I feel it’s only the beginning of a new trend. It’s natural to strive for perfection, so I can see why in the past retouching became so popular. But we’ve attained perfection and gone too far. Now retouching seems like it’s only there to create jealousy to sell a product. And since it’s only natural to want the opposite of what you have, I now crave imperfection. I assume the next generation will want the opposite again as well.

How do you think the theme of Transformation relates to the industry as a whole?

Well an obvious answer might be that we’re still in the process of moving from physical to digital … or that people are craving honesty and natural beauty rather than retouching, or how things are changing around us so rapidly that we can’t seem to find our footing. But what I really feel is that we’re close to a breaking point. So tired of repetition, of quantity over quality, of doing things without knowing why … I’ve begun to feel a lack of conviction. In previous generations, repetition and imitation weren’t so glaringly obvious. But now, with the internet, it’s impossible not to notice. How many times can the same picture be re-blogged? How many times can we have a heated debate about some political topic, only to forget it and move on to the next one, forget that and move on again? And finally, how much longer can we cater to those who will click on the most links?

But the discouragement involved with transformation is the most essential part of change. When you’re able to see what you don’t like, it’s easier to learn what you do. Because I believe we could all create what we love rather than what we think others want to see and still be successful. And I believe there’s a way to be more progressive and productive, without working ourselves to the bone. People seem to have forgotten that their own lives are their greatest art. I try to spend as much time on my own as I can and Transmission is really just a peek into that. Hopefully it’s an inspiration as well.

What themes / ideas are you thinking of exploring for issue no. 4?

Transcendence. Acceptance.



Xiao Wen Ju by Dylan Forsberg


Xiao Wen Ju by Dylan Forsberg


Iekeliene Stange & John Swiatek by Joachim Johnson




Elsa Hosk



Ali Michael

Transmission 5l

Transmission 6l




Jessica Strother




Laragh McCann


Le Cam Romain


Liam Dean @ Red by Hadar Pitchon


Linda Pitchon by Hadar Pitchon


Lindsey Wixson by Dylan Forsberg




Samantha Gradoville by Dylan Forsberg


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Exclusive: Kendall Jenner for LOVE by Mario Sorrenti

July 14th, 2014 |Posted by


Kendall Jenner is one of the most talked about models of the moment and with her upcoming feature in Love Magazine her star is set to rise even higher. Mario Sorrenti (Art Partner) shoots Kendall in sumptuous black and white and the end result is a portrait of the star unlike any we’ve seen before. Looking alluring in barely there lingerie, Kendall displays a powerful sexiness completely in line with Sorrenti’s seductive aesthetic. Reaction to the shoot has already been positive, with LOVE Magazine Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand offering high praise, “Kendall is not only one of our cover stars, but one of the breakthrough faces of the season, who I loved so much that I asked her to model in three of our stories this issue.” To her credit, Kendall appreciated the privilege of working with Sorrenti with a nod to one of his most iconic photographs, “I’d never worked with Mario Sorrenti, with whom I’d wanted to shoot nudes ever since that Kate Moss Calvin image of her nude on a sofa.”

Kendall Jenner / LOVE 12 Autumn/Winter 2014
Photography: Mario Sorrenti (Art Partner) for LOVE
Styling: Katie Grand

LOVE 12 Autumn/Winter 2014 comes out Monday 28 July.

Photo courtesy of LOVE Magazine for

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The MO&Co. aesthetic

September 11th, 2013 |Posted by

Most fashion relationships barely last a week, so when a brand chooses a model to represent them over an extended period of time it is something unique. For the past four years, MO&Co. has enlisted Freja Beha as the sole face of their seasonal campaigns, starring the Danish beauty in a variety of looks and photographic styles united by the enigmatic Ms. Beha and the brand’s on trend fashion sensibility. Following the launch of its latest campaign on, this sponsored retrospective courtesy of MO&Co. of their 10 campaigns featuring Freja as captured by a host of today’s top photographers including Willy Vanderperre, Karim Sadli and Sølve Sundsbø, gives us a true sense of the MO&Co. aesthetic. Simplicity, elegance and trend consciousness register in each image as Freja’s nonchalant cool anchors the total package. With a clear vision of its image this is a brand that seems poised to break out of its native Chinese market onto the global scene.

MO&Co. Winter 2010

MO&Co. Winter 2011

MO&Co. Spring 2011

MO&Co. Summer 2011

MO&Co. Autumn 2011

MO&Co. Winter 2012


MO&Co. Spring 2012


MO&Co. Summer 2012

MO&Co. Autumn 2012


MO&Co. Spring/Summer 2013

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Model Details

August 9th, 2013 |Posted by

The September issues keep on coming, and the latest to join the ever-swelling ranks is Details Magazinethe men’s magazine that is making a splash by featuring a pair of supermodels on its cover rather than the usual Hollywood actor. Tyson Ballou and Emily DiDonato put a gorgeous face on the annual Fashion Issue, which is packed with a wealth of options for the cooler months. Ballou’s and Didonato’s sharp basics help liven up a clean, uncluttered cover story by John Balsom, while Shaun De Wet shows off the season’s sleekest suits on the city streets, photographed from above by Robbie Fimmano. Meanwhile, former pro soccer player John Halls (also shot by Balsom) wraps up in some comfy dress coats, perfect for an autumn evening, and Eric Ramos and Nadav Heyman demonstrate the brighter side of Fall, with strong looks in bright hues shot against a surreal Escher-scape by Lacey. It may be hot now, but Details reminds us that the chill is just around the corner—and that there’s more than a few things worth looking forwards to. Text: Jonathan Shia

Casting by Edward Kim


PH: John Balsom | Models: Tyson Ballou , Emily DiDonato








PH: Lacey | Model: Eric Ramos



PH: John Balsom | Model: John Hall




PH: Robbie Fimmano | Model: Shaun De Wet

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First Look : VMan

October 2nd, 2012 |Posted by

V Man knows what you want – more jam packed fashion stories, more incredible male models, more jaw dropping photography – more ofeverything and in their latest issues they give it to you. As much as you can handle and then some – starting off with an elegant story by Sharif Hamza styled by Tom Van Dorpe (New York: Management + Artists, Paris: Management + Artists) starring, Sean O’Pry, Simon NessmanDavid Agbodji, Brad Kroenig and some of the biggest names in male modeling, the mag makes its presence felt via the aforementioned elements and a strong dose of chic. Take a first look in our exclusive preview and be sure to pick up the winter issue when it hits stands November 8th, 2012.

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Exclusive: Lane Crawford Behind the Scenes

July 31st, 2012 |Posted by Janelle

The statement-making fashions of the season come to life in Lane Crawford’s first-ever campaign film. Nick Knight brings his visionary touch to the project, taking Chinese beauties Ming Xi, Xiao Wen Ju, and Wang Xiao, transforming them into fantastical sartorial sirens in a mind-bending clip. Superstar stylist Edward Enninful creates the ultimate modern wardrobe using a selection of key pieces from names like Azzedine Alaïa, Alexander McQueen, Altuzarra, Balenciaga, Celine Jil Sander, Proenza Schouler, and Yves Saint Laurent – just to name a few. The depth and variety of the labels featured speaks to the impeccably curated Lane Crawford selection and is tailored to the taste point of a consumer who knows their fashion heavyweights. Enninful’s pitch perfect seasonal edit and Knight’s surrealist perspective combine for a unique and engrossing campaign experience.

Take an exclusive first look below, in a behind the scenes video of Lane Crawford’s first ever campaign film to see the work that went in to creating the brand’s seasonal vision. See the new campaign in full on

LANE CRAWFORD F/W 12DIRECTOR Nick Knight | STYLING Edward Enninful | HAIR Sam McKnight | MAKEUP Val Garland

Lane Crawford Behind the Scenes F/W 12 from on Vimeo.

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