Fashion Week Shows & Backstage

Creative Director: Stephan Moskovic
Editorial Director: Wayne Sterling
Production Director: Betty Sze

Photos: Betty Sze

Interviews: Betty Sze

Video production/editing: Blue Barn Pictures
Special Thanks:
Drew Linehan (Trew Productions)
Dean Snyder (Ojala-Ltd)
The crew of Trew Productions (David,Evan,Kat,Ryan,Stefano,Vito)
Alexander from Ojala-Ltd
Marcus Cunha (Milk Studios)
Erika and David from NY Models men's board
Paul, Antonia and Heather from Women/Supreme board
John Pfeiffer
Iselin Steiro with Women Management
Noah Mills with NY Model Management
Leigh Yeager and Caroline Trentini with Marilyn
Katerina with Wilhelmina
Our great video crew at Blue Barn Pictures!
Trang Chuong

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